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Playing with Colours

Playing with Colours

Playing with Colours

Colour creates, enhances, changes, reveals and establishes the mood of life at times. All beautiful colours in this world are not just for mere pleasure of our eyes but also have functional importance in our life.

The colours we see around us in everyday things, all came from nature. We took colours from stones, trees and metals in our surrounding and put them in our clothes, food and even architecture.

Every colour has its own significance. Ranging from red symbolising love & passion, blue – reliability & stability, green – nature & growth, white – purity & innocence, yellow – joy & energy and so on.

Yarns for instance are available in various shades, which give us so many different colour combinations to play around with. Consequently, different combinations result in an absolutely different look of the same design giving it a unique and exclusive end result. Let it be crocheting or knitting the colours we chose for particular designs reflect our moods too.

We at A & Craft work towards merging our artefacts with an inimitable combination of colours in such a way that it will express your own distinct personality in an optimistic and unique way.

Warm wishes to all our customers for this colourful season of Holi, as all of us at A&Crafts will also celebrate the colours of joy happiness and life and we hope you too.